Membership Guidelines
The Council of the ISID serves as the legislative body of the Society and as the consultant body for the Executive Committee. The Council consists of not more than 48 members recommended by the Executive Committee and elected by the membership of the Society at a general business meeting. The Council meets before the general business meeting of the Society which takes place at the International Congress for Infectious Diseases.

1. The term of service on the Council is six years with one-third of the Council membership being replaced at each International Congress for Infectious Diseases (every two years). This will ensure a gradual turnover within the Council and at the same time allow us to retain a core of experienced Council members.

2. Members of the Council have an essential role in maintaining the worldwide representation of the Society as well as the implementation of its goals through the dissemination of information about the Society in their respective areas. Council members are expected to be leaders in their local and regional infectious diseases societies, and to work closely and collaboratively with these groups to promote the Society and its programs. Specific activities expected of the Council member include the distribution of Society materials at local and regional meetings, the stimulation of membership activity on behalf of the Society within the region, participation in the various subcommittees of the Society, making the ISID known to government and private agencies in the region, and finally, the forwarding of documentation concerning the names and addresses of interested individuals and organizations to the ISID headquarters in Boston.

3. The financial health of the Society as well as the success of meetings both in developed and in developing countries in large part depends on the ability to raise funds through different foundations, government agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry. Council members are encouraged to establish and maintain contacts within these entities and help secure sponsorship of sessions, participation in the exhibits, and/or financial contributions to each International Congress for Infectious Diseases.
These activities are coordinated through the ISID headquarters in Boston. Any fundraising activity on behalf of the Society must be coordinated through either the headquarters or through the International Organizing Committee for the International Congress for Infectious Diseases.

4. Council members may on occasion be asked to review applications for ISID grant and fellowship programs and/or abstracts submitted for presentation at ISID meetings. Applications and abstracts for review are selected based on reviewer interests and expertise. The total anticipated time commitment for such reviews is 2-6 hours per year.

5. Council members are encouraged to attend the International Congress on Infectious Diseases. The Society, if requested, will waive the registration fee of Council members attending the Congress; however, the Society cannot guarantee any additional financial assistance to assist Council members in participating in the ICID. All Council members are encouraged to submit abstracts for the Congress.

6. Council members are also encouraged to contribute and solicit articles or other information (including scheduled events) suitable for publication in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases and the ISID News.

7. Council members of the Society receive no compensation for their efforts on behalf of the International Society for Infectious Diseases.

Nominations should be sent to: