The Society's quarterly newsletter, ISID News, is an important vehicle for communication among its members. In addition to current information about the International Congress and other activities of the Society, reports of regional meetings and scientific articles are often included in each issue.

ISID NEWS is sent to both corresponding and regular members of the Society.

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International Journal of Infectious Diseases
The International Journal of Infectious Diseases (IJID) is the official publication of the Society and serves to convey information on the epidemiology, clinical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and control of infections to infectious disease researchers and clinicians throughout the world. The Journal seeks to enhance the reader's understanding of the medical and cultural factors that affect infectious diseases in different parts of the world and to provide insight into the prevention, treatment, and management of infectious diseases.

The Journal is published bimonthly and is available to regular members of the Society. Individuals wishing to subscribe to the Journal without becoming members of the Society may do so at a yearly rate of $140 USD in the US and Canada, and €125 in Europe, ¥16600.00 in Japan and $140 USD elsewhere.

The Journal is indexed on MEDLINE.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Bill Cameron, M.D., FRCP(C), University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada.

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Guide to Infection Control in Hospitals
The Guide is a practical handbook for the management of nosocomial infections and the development of hospital-based infection control programs. The Guide has been translated into Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Russian, and Chinese.

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