The Society's quarterly newsletter, ISID News, is an important vehicle for communication among its members. In addition to current information about the International Congress and other activities of the Society, reports of regional meetings and scientific articles are often included in each issue.

ISID NEWS is sent to both corresponding and regular members of the Society. As of the July 2004 issue, ISID News is ONLY available electronically.

The following issues of ISID News are available online:

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Total number of ISID News downloads (triggered from email link) as of today
January 2011 of xxxx
September 2010 of xxxx
April 2010 of 16,662
January 2010 of 70,106
September 2009 of 15,714
June 2009 of 14,584
January 2009 of 14,520 ISID Members
     (and 44,821 PMM Subscribers)
November 2008 of 14,359
May 2008 of 13,076
January 2008 of 12,419
September 2007 (none) of 11,692
June 2007 (none) of 10,306
February 2007 (none) of 10,973
October 2006: (none) of 11,996
May 2006 (Congress Newsletter): (none)
February 2006: (none)
November 2005: (none)
June 2005: (none)
February 2005: (none)
October 2004: (none)

12th ICID Announcement Responses
Announcement made 11 August 2005: (none)
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